Service Goes On & Price Unchanged During Lunar New Year

Service Goes On & Price Unchanged During Lunar New Year

Are You Ready for Lunar New Year?

Are you ready? Lunar New Year is only a week away. Have you ordered extra inventory? Has the goods arrive? Is the promotion campaign all set up? The clincher is, have you lined up a logistics company which will continue service and will not raise its price?

Uninterrupted Service

Here comes e·comcargo. During the auspicious season, logistics service within and out of China will be disrupted, with many of the employees of the logistics companies going home to celebrate the big day with their family as is the custom. However, we at e·comcargo will not rest at this time. Service will continue as normal, and the big news is, we will not raise our price.

No Price Hike

For the companies operating in China during Lunar New Year, the cost of labor will increase, so some of them will augment their pricing to make up for the difference. Not so at e·comcargo, for we do not transfer our costs on to clients during Lunar New Year. As our customer, you can still enjoy uninterrupted and reliable logistics service during the rest period for factories in China, without having to pay one more cent than is required normally.

Customs Closed

One more thing though: officials need to celebrate the New Year too. Chinese Customs will close from February 15 through 21, so for those of you getting goods from and delivering products to China, it is a good idea to prepare ahead

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