Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Welcome to the Year of the Dog! Get ready for Lunar New Year, which is only a month away.

Promotion to accommodate customs and habits

It is customary for people to clean and/or redecorate their homes before Lunar New Year. Amazon Sellers vending lifestyle goods and homeware can take this opportunity to create a special promotion to attract the people celebrating Lunar New Year around the world.

Likewise, new clothes and shoes are essential to usher in the Lunar New Year. Apparel and shoe sellers can capitalize on this habit by marking down their goods ahead of the celebration.

Special auspicious discounts during Lunar New Year

Akin to joy during Christmas in Christian culture, auspiciousness is the most desired state during the Lunar New year in the culture of the East. Use this as the theme of your discount campaign, and you can see sales skyrocket.

Order ahead of the holidays

Lunar New Year is a major season of festivity in Chinese-speaking regions, and the dates are designated as public holidays for homecoming and celebrations. To accommodate the public holidays, particularly in China, now is the best time to organize your inventory and order ahead.

Most Chinese factories are expected to cease production during the entire month of February, while Chinese customs will close from 15th to 21st February. Last shipments before the Lunar New Year holidays will be shipped in the week of 12th February.

Your dependable logistics partner for all seasons

To kick off your Lunar New Year promotions and discount campaigns, you must find a reliable logistics partner to ease your shipping worries. We are at your service at e·comcargo to provide hassle-free and flexible supply chain solutions, including pickup, shipment, compliance, and last mile fulfillment. With our worldwide network that spans across six continents, we will deliver your cargoes safe and fast, in time for your customers to celebrate the biggest dates in the lunar calendar.

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