How to upgrade your sales from Grade A to A+?

How to upgrade your sales from Grade A to A+?

We always said: “Doing the right thing at the right place at the right time.”

You already got a grade A service, because you are selling your products at Amazon now. But how and what makes you become a grade A+ seller?

YES, we will work it out with you, together, as a partner.

The answer is TIME. Timely delivery, on time delivery and just in time (JIT) services. Timely service means a lot of things, it means the whole operations, a good planned flow, from pickup, pick & pack, consolidation, export documentations, transport, import documentation, deconsolidation, repacking, tax and duties, warehousing and delivery… Looks complicated but an experienced freight forwarder would advise you how and what to do before you any problems occur.

A real freight forwarder or logistics service provider would provide you a time schedule in a full flow. Or in the reverse way, you give the target delivery date and their professional service team advises you the latest shipping day.

We can take good care from small to large shipment . As long as you sell in AMAZON.

Here are some examples:

Example 1:

Your client wants to have a service without delay, and for your reputation, it MUST BE TIMELY.
So, we also need your cooperation with correct information, that is, a correct date, address and consignee.

Example 2:

If your product is made in PRC, do you know how many days you should kick off the shipment to ship out in order to make it arrival for your target date in October?

Everyone will face that bottleneck problem every year.

Do you want to erase this headache?

Yes, we can help you.

Example 3:

If your client has a big order such as cosmetics import into China, in order to avoid delays, you need to prepare all the proper pre-approved documentations, it will help you to avoid the detention of the container, additional warehouse costs, and time and in line with your customer’s marketing plan.

Example 4:

Do you know when the best timing for shipping out the product for Thanksgiving and Christmas?
We can advise you.

Example 5:

If you sell watches, phones or other product with lithium ion batteries, they are classified as dangerous cargoes. Special documents are needed for these cargoes types including both manufacturer AND YOU (the seller) and it can only ship by specifying shipping lines or airlines.

Doyou know that?


Can I boost the sales volume without more shipping troubles?
YES, YOU CAN, because you have been chosen our services and what’s more important, our customers are all efficient clients, which means they are already partnering with e・comcargo constantly and will not make your shipment delay.

That’s why you can boost the sales volume….

Your success is just away from a simple CLICK.
CLICK US, let us know, let us be the one to take away your shipping problems and focus on your the products and sales.


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