A traditional way of freight forwarding service compare to a tailor made one with compliance

A traditional way of freight forwarding service compare to a tailor made one with compliance

We emphasize in compliance as it is vital for our further developments.

1. Why? It is because international regulations are becoming stringent

Through our professional services and advises, we ensure your products are in good conditions in packing with correct documentations.

2. Our customers are expected high degree of discipline.

As a result, whatever your products in our consolidation in any mode of transport (Sea, Air, Sea-Air & etc.) are safe and can avoid on-hold by export or import customs of the origins and destinations countries.

3. Ensure long term integrity of the company

By using e・comcargo, as your freight forwarder, which implies smooth logistics of your products.

Apart from compliance, we DO can advice you more…

For example,
Your product export from PRC and import into the USA, a certain type of goods need to use correct HS Codes and get the VAT return. However, it might not be the best HS Codes to use for your products. With our professional services and know-how, we can help you to choose a better one. With more VAT return.

What’s more? We can base on your requirements, an appropriate service, including consolidation, Pick & Pack, Mix pack, Labeling, & etc., mode of transport to be used (Road, Air, Sea, Courier or Post) and with Track & Trace Reporting, Customer Service, Warehouse management, Order fulfillment, Transportation Management.

These are what we are going through daily and that is why we can do it well and do it right.
So, tell us your requirements. IT’S EASY, JUST CLICK US, we will contact you and listen to your needs with our professional service and advice.

A better freight forwarder that you can be TRUSTED.


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