cropped-ecomcargo_web_icon.pngNot all full service freight forwarders are equal. At e·comcargo, we settle for nothing less than to offer top class service and added value to our customers.



We value and understand the importance of your time. With our support, you can focus on your business instead of handling complex freight and import issues.

Today it’ s all about finalising details quickly in order to move forward. We help to free up your time so that you can concentrate on growing your e-commerce business.

At Origin

We want to make sure everything is properly handled from the start. That is why we assist our customers on every step of the way. Already at the origin we offer services as quality control and vendor planning.


While you sit back and focus on your core business we are overseeing the transportation of your goods. You can choose to receive continues updates on the status of your goods while in transit.

At Destination

Our job doesn’t stop just because your goods have arrived in country. Whether it needs further preparation before arriving at your distribution centre/Amazon or if you need assistance with the customs clearance, we are here for you.

“Our business is Antiques, and since our products tend to be quite delicate we need to ensure that they are handled carefully and properly. Therefore we decided to use e·comcargo.”

– Casper Oldén

Managing Director, Asia 

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